Could it be magic?

Disney/Universal here we come!  

Booked a trip to the sunshine state for early September, hopefully the only thing resembling a hurricane we experience will be Typhoon Lagoon!  It’s been three years since out last trip to Florida, really looking forward to going back. 

Lots of new stuff: Galaxy’s Edge   Toy Story Land   Pandora   Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure ride   Volcano Bay


When we were planning our vacation we were not sure whether to book flights, hotels and tickets separately, or as a package.

We started with flights, typed in the date for departing and chose 14 nights duration, we then waited patiently before being presented with the ‘best price’. 

Not bad we thought, but wait, you need to upgrade if you want to take luggage, do most people not take luggage when they go on vacation? Not sure it should be an upgrade.

Ok, so now we are upgrading to the basic service I was expecting as standard. 

So what does that make it? 

Wait, where will we be sitting, gotta be next to each other if we booked together, right?

Wrong, if you want to guarantee sitting next to your partner or friend you’re gonna have to pay extra!

Ok, let’s find out what that costs…….


Did anybody see where the advertised price went?

Advertised price, advertised price where are you?

We ended up booking these flights and the ‘free dining’ package with Disney separately.

Disney magic is stronger than you think!

Over the last few years Disney has given more & more away for free when staying at one of their resorts, free dollars, free dining and the free memory maker.

Yet the more they give away for ‘free’ each year the more my vacation seems to cost each year…Disney Magic?

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