You’ve got to see the sunny side!

Ok here we are, first post, mmm, need to say something funny to get things going.

Why did the chicken….. don’t worry only fooling around, which brings me quite smoothly, (well, as smoothly as trying to get off a rubber ring in Typhoon Lagoon) to Florida or as it likes to be known ‘The Sunshine State’.

I have been to Florida more times than I can remember (not quite sure what that means as I can’t remember what I did last week), anyway you get the message, me and Mickey go back a long way.  Although I personally think you can’t beat the ‘first time’ at Walt Disney World or Universal Studios, subsequent visits to Florida have always presented something new to do alongside visiting old favourites. 

You’ll know if you have been to Orlando, the moment you get off the plane you are in for a treat, there’s something in the air (apart from the planes obviously), should we touch on the long waits in customs or the double handling of baggage at the MCO International Airport, no way!  We are here for fun in the sun, the food, the parks and the magic!

I hired a car a few times, can be a bit strange at first driving on a side of the road that would normally result in an insurance claim, along with this you have your family/friends onboard, some of who have decided to become driving instructors for the day, you want to make sure they arrive at the resort safely to start that ‘perfect vacation’, but how to stay calm and composed en-route, when non-holiday thoughts like: ‘Why don’t you bloody drive then!’ enter your head.

Yes, things can get heated when you are on holiday, but usually it’s because everybody wants everybody to have a great time (tip for children: I know it’s hard walking around all day with a permanent grin on your face, but parents love it and have paid an arm and a turkey leg for it!)

I have stayed at some great places, Hard Rock Hotel, Cabana Bay Resort, Port Orleans Riverside, Coronado Springs, Pop Century, to name but a few. They really are great resorts and I’ll go into more detail in later posts.

This post is more of an introduction, a chance to introduce myself, (I’m Mark by the way) and to let you know I will be talking about all things Florida, Orlando, Disney,Universal and a whole lot more.

News, views, to do’s, tips ‘n’tricks & the odd competition too!

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