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I Stayed at Cabana Bay last October, while I was laying back in my rubber ring, floating around the lazy river on yet another beautiful sunny day, one thing stood out more prominently than anything else (no not my over indulged tummy).

Sprouting out of the ground by means of some very swift construction was the main focal point of  Universal’s brand new water park Volcano Bay, although only part of the volcano structure, you knew it was going to be mighty  impressive when finished.

Now the announcement has been made, Universal’s Volcano Bay will open May 25th 2017 (that’s if they don’t get any int eruptions….sorry about that)

Universal Orlando has really upped it’s game over the last few years, where as in the past, a lot of families would just ‘do Disney,’ you try telling little Tommy or Lilly they are not going to see Harry Potter, yeah good luck with that!

Now with the addition of the new waterpark Volcano Bay, a lot of families might find they just ‘do Universal’.

What’s really  exciting about the new waterpark is the introduction of the Tapu Tapu wearables, these little tropical beauties worn on your wrist eliminate the need for waiting in line, basically your Tapu Tapu waits in line virtually. When it’s your turn to ride, your Tapu Tapu will let you know (how good is that!). You can also use it for interactive surprises at the park.


The Waterpark is divided into 4 areas:

The Volcano, a towering 200 Feet above the tropical landscape

Wave Village, the home of Waturi Beach, where the surfs always up!

River Village, the Kopiko Wai winding river, fun for all the family

Rainforest Village, slides, raft rides and tubes, relax & enjoy!


Looks like there is now some serious competition for Typhoon Lagoon, Blizzard Beach and Aquatica, all have been favourites in the past but Volcano Bay does look the business.

Will it be ‘waves’ goodbye to the old and ‘hello waves’ to the new?

Let me know what you think!




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